Just for Kids

Benefits For Youth Bowlers

Youth bowlers receive many benefits when they become a member of USBC. One of those benefits is a subscription to the US Youth Bowler. Kelly was featured on the cover of the Spring 2010 edition after her historic win at the PBA Tournament of Champions.

USBC Youth bowling is a unique opportunity to get involved with a sport that you can stay with forever and offers more than $6 million in annual scholarships that reward academic, leadership and on-lanes performance skills. USBC Youth also provides opportunities for coaching and instruction, fun and friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, and leadership development. And there are cool new awards that include updated emblems, trophies, and even rings!

To be a bowler, you don’t have to be the biggest, tallest or strongest to succeed on the lanes. In fact, the world’s best bowlers come in all shapes and sizes – short, tall, heavy, thin. Bowling technique is all about leverage and timing, so your physical size and strength does not matter as much as in sports like football or basketball.

Bowling has a lot to offer young people. If you or your child wants to get involved with a cool sport that anyone can play and one that helps build their future, give bowling a try! Join USBC Youth bowling today!

For more information on becoming a USBC Member visit Bowl.com

Challenge Your Artistic Skills

Download the caricature from Kelly’s shirt and color a cool bowling ball and shirt for Kelly. If you want to challenge your artistic skills, color a fun background behind Kelly. Bring your caricature when you watch Kelly bowl at a PWBA or PBA event near you and have her autograph your drawing. Use your imagination and have fun!